Phoenix Belize Courtyard

Experience Design

For a resort in San Pedro, Belize, we completely reimagined the brand experience for a location that was once a sleepy destination for divers and fisherman, conveying their approachable luxury position while maintaining a distinct, island charm.

Phoenix Belize 2Color Logo

Brand Identity

We started with a unique brand identity, a custom iconic phoenix that captures the essence of the mythical creature but also conveyed a sense of peace, quiet and restfulness inherent at this island destination.

Phoenix Belize Color Palette
Phoenix Belize Requiem
Phoenix Belize Pattern

Brand Guidelines

We selected colors that referenced the natural landscape, affectionately calling them “architecture, water, and sand”. We built a custom pattern from the logo that adds a touch of sophistication, while the typography compliments the idea of “relaxed luxury” with its formal, yet laid back and graceful, alternate characters.

Phoenix Belize Letterhead Detail
Phoenix Belize Letterhead Detail 2
Phoenix Belize Beachfront

Art Direction

With careful planning, art direction, and photography, we are able to convey a sense of arrival at Ambergris Caye. Since the resort is positioned in a prime location, we naturally included beautiful photographs of the resort and its immediate surroundings in communication materials. We were also able to capture amenities, excursions, and other resort experiences.

Phoenix Belize Boating
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Phoenix Belize Snorkeling
Phoenix Belize Drink
Phoenix Belize Snorkel
Phoenix Belize At Night
Phoenix Belize Coastline
Phoenix Belize Excursion
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Web Design

One of the main goals of the website design was to “transport the viewer” to the resort. Through careful planning, a clear understanding of the audience, a purposeful user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), we were able to effectively use video, photos, and other animations that give visitors to the website a sense of arrival. We also made it easy for users to book the resort and sign up for additional amenities normally available only through the concierge.

Phoenix Belize Website Mobile Screens


The results of the rebranding efforts were overwhelmingly positive. People love the new logo, colors, and website and as a result, sales of branded apparel and gifts have dramatically increased through their on-site store. Additionally, online booking, excursion packages, and specialty sales has increased through the website with the added functionality and ease of use.

Phoenix website suites
Phoenix website map
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Phoenix website rates
Phoenix website press
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  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Design Direction
  • Experience Design
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Graphic Standards
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Development
  • Messaging
  • Web Design
  • Custom Booking
  • Custom E-Commerce
  • Print Design


  • Tangelo, Agency
  • David Hoyt, Executive Creative Director
  • Daren Guillory, Design Director, Designer
  • Bo Sims, Account Manager
  • Christina Snyder, Digital Strategist
  • Demian Solano, Photographer